About Us

  • Koko Dairy Free is a family owned company specialising in growing coconuts and producing a range of delicious coconut based products.

  • We have been farming coconuts in our groves in East Sumatra, Indonesia, since 1986. 

    No monkeys or other animals are involved or exploited in this process.

  • Fresh, ripe coconuts are packed within hours of picking on a daily basis, so we can guarantee our products are of the very highest quality.

  • Koko Dairy Free is packed in the EU using freshly pressed coconut milk sourced from our farm.

  • Koko Dairy Free Original & Calcium matches conventional semi-skimmed milk for total fat (2%) and calcium (120mg per 100ml).

  • With the natural goodness of coconuts Koko Dairy Free helps you to eat healthily, avoiding animal and dairy products and enjoying positive nutritional benefits.